AccessFabrik Lab Travels to the UK

After an initial meeting on March 24th, 2010 at Ryerson University, Dr. Michael Murphy (Head of Audio & Digital Media at the School of Radio and Television Arts) and Ron Rankine (Manager of Project and Research Support at the Rogers Communication Centre) travelled to the UK to meet with partners of MUPPITS, a collaborative project supported by 9 UK Industry partners, during the month of May.

Earlier this spring (April 2010), Kathleen Webb – C3’s Project Director at Communitech Technology Association in Waterloo met with Abby Goodrum – Associate Dean of Research at Ryerson University – to discuss the possibility of merging the AF Lab’s USWS innovations with Southampton University’s MUPPITS project (aimed at developing an infrastructure for collaborative work through the adoption of tapeless workflows). Abby met the director at Southampton while Michael showed a group of visitors our facilities at Ryerson. Shortly after, the AF Lab researchers met Paul Walland – one of the leaders spearheading the MUPPITS project at the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) conference during the week of April 12th in Las Vegas, where a trip to the UK to visit the MUPPITS partners in Southampton University’s IT Innovation Centre was agreed upon.

The trip took place on the week of May 17th. On the first day at the IT Innovation Centre, Michael and Ron met with Loraine Warren at the University of Southampton who talked to them about International Production Clusters which was a follow up to her previous meeting with Charles Davis (a researcher at Ryerson). The day concluded with an impressive presentation on the HD Collaborative Design Tools by the Ryerson Faculty. The next day consisted of a tour of BBC and their main television centre (Hammersmith), where BBC researchers displayed their current work with 3D. On the third day, Michael and Ron visited the Pinewood Studios where all digital assets gathered by the BBC are stored and disseminated. Pinewood is currently developing a data vault for archiving digital media. Ron looked at some equipment to do the digitization. The day concluded with a visit to Molinare, one of the premiere post-houses in Europe, responsible for editing content ingested by the BBC, as well as visiting Smoke & Mirrors (a MUPPITS partner also located in Soho).

Dr. Michael Murphy stayed an extra day to visit the Goldsmiths University where Dr. Marian F. Ursu – Reader in the Department of Computing, Goldsmiths University of London – gave him a tour of their work on collaborative storytelling. Overall the trip set the premise for some future collaboration between Ryerson and UK Universities interested in partnering with us for real-time collaboration. Ron Rankine describes this union as “applying synchronous structures to an asynchronous environment.”

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