About the lab

The AccessFabrik Lab is a research facility housed in Ryerson University’s Rogers Communication Centre, working to develop tools for barrier-free collaborative design. Emerging from 1998’s CoMedia project, the lab was established in 2003 under the direction of Dr. Michael Murphy (Head of Audio & Digital Media at the School of Radio and Television Arts) and Ron Rankine (Manager of Project and Research Support at the Rogers Communication Centre).

The AccessFabrik Lab, with the primary focus of addressing challenges in the automotive and design industry, experiments with semantic web integration in order to simplify communication and create a more intelligent system. Much of the lab’s work makes use of the Access Grid, used as a videoconferencing tool, as well as semantic web ontologies, interlacing web and grid services into one metaphorical “fabrik.” The development of these collaborative design tools has proven to enrich communication between partners, streamline the product development process, and ultimately boost productivity.

Since its launch, the lab has established a strong partnership between German and Canadian institutions and corporations, some of which include: the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering and Daimler Chrysler in Germany, as well as SMART Toronto Technology Alliance, Silicon Graphics, Inc., IMAT, and Magna.

Most recently, AccessFabrik Lab associates Michael Dick and Elaine Wong were awarded second prize at OCE Discovery in May 2010. Their presentation focused on the lab’s Collaborative Design Tools, highlighting the importance of the lab’s work to Ontario’s knowledge economy.

To learn more about the lab’s projects, please visit the projects page or look at a list of our publications. To receive more information, please contact us.

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