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Collaborative Gesture Based Interface
This demonstration shows the use of multiple Kinect devices facilitating a multi-node collaborative space. Participants can use gestures to control all aspect of a distributed networked-based Google Earth session.

Tracker Camera Interface
The Microsoft Kinect is used as a tracking device to facilitate automatic camera tracking in video conferencing and telepresence communications. The device recognizes and tracks up to five users at a telepresence node and allows them to control the panning of a Canon VC-C4 PTZ camera.

New Tools for Collaborative Media Production
A current international research project which involves Canadian and German partners working together to study the impact of Web Technologies on collaborative media content production, industrial design, and manufacturing.

Flash Media IP-Based Video Switcher
The Flash Media IP-Based Video Switcher is an open-source prototype virtual studio, allowing real time production and switching of IP-based audio and video sources from around the world.

This project was active from 1998 to 2000. Cooperation Multimedia (CoMedia) was a joint research initiative between Ryerson University in Canada and Fraunhofer Institute in Germany, with other partners including Robert Bosch, Manage Data Inc., SMART Toronto, and IMAT.

Future Projects
Currently, AccessFabrik lab researchers are looking into integrating our Access Grid innovations with the UK-based MUPPITS project, which aims to streamline post production processes in the media industry through tapeless workflows.

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