Beginning as a collaborative research effort between the Ontario provincial government and Baden-Württemberg state government in 1998, the CoMedia (Cooperation Multimedia) project not only served as a base for the AccessFabrik Lab’s founding, but also established a lasting professional relationship between researchers in Ryerson University and the Fraunhofer Institute. The project’s goal was to develop an internet-based multimedia service platform that would enhance cooperative efforts between various multimedia companies, consequently demonstrating to auto manufacturers the benefits of such a platform. The initiative included efforts from SMART Toronto, IMAT, and the German-based auto parts manufacturer Robert Bosch GmbH.

Among its many accomplishments, the CoMedia project is noted for utilizing XML to create an online rendering service that enabled open transfer of design content between facilities, independent of specific hardware and software configurations.

Although the project only continued until 2000, it was later found that CoMedia could find a natural extension to its functionality through Grid Computing. In particular, Grid Computing could make resource-demanding tasks such as 3D rendering more viable by sharing spare computing resources from remote machines. These findings lead to further research projects conducted by the lab upon its conception in 2003.

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