Future Projects

Currently, the AccessFabrik Lab is working towards integrating a UK-based post-production technology known as MUPPITS (Multi-User Post-Production IT Services) with the lab’s most recent Access Grid innovations.

MUPPITS is a project aimed at developing an infrastructure for collaborative post-production work through the adoption of tapeless workflows. A collaborative project supported by the UK Technology Strategy Board, it is a unique production tool that is aimed at addressing the challenges faced by the post-production stages of programme making in order to create time and cost efficient solutions. The project’ infrastructure is composed of two major components – GRIA and Ingex. This SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)-based software allows the production team to easily manage data flow, storage, processing, outsourcing, and specialist services in a flexible manner.

The MUPPITS project takes great leaps towards bringing the broadcast and related media industries further into the digital era. A refined business model and launch at IBC 2010 this September are the next steps on the MUPPITS roadmap.

MUPPITS and the Access Grid innovations of the AF Lab share significant similarities in regards to Service-Oriented Architecture, the use of metadata, and goals for collaborative design and interaction. The alliance of these technologies will likely enable simultaneous workflows in real time, using HD visualization, remote desktop control and real-time voice translation.

The goal is to develop the project so that it can extend beyond the boundaries of post-production and the entertainment industry, and benefit other businesses in terms of collaborative design and communication. Currently, Ryerson is working on accelerating virtual/physical prototyping and developing a Semantic Services Broker for intelligent communication.

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